Epa Electronic Signature Agreement

19. september 2021 Slået fra Af Patrick

For more information about electronic reporting, see 40 CFR Part 3 — Cross-Media Electronic Reporting. As part of the e-GGRT user registration process, all users must submit an Electronic Signature and Use Agreement (ESA) for the e-GGRT. After completing the user`s profile page, the Additional Proof of Identity page appears, which offers the user two options to submit an ESA e-GGRT: If you accept the statement, click the ACCEPT button. You will also receive a confirmation email stating that you have successfully completed the registration of new e-GGRT users and that your electronic signature and use agreement has been approved. If you continue to check this option, you will understand that the service is voluntary and that you validate the personal data against a LexisNexis Part 3 service® which returns proof of validation of your personal data to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPO does not collect or store sensitive personally identifiable information, such as your social security number (SSN); However, the EPO receives proof of identity validation which can be used to identify you for legal purposes. You do NOT have to enter data for any of the fields on this page if you print and submit a printed copy of your electronic signature and use agreement. The following page displays the terms of the agreement on electronic signature and use: Click on the link “I want to print and send a signed form” which is located in the gray field at the top of the page. After printing the form, sign and date it and send it to the address indicated on your electronic signature and user agreement form. After entering your password and clicking on the LOGIN button, you will be prompted to answer one of your challenge questions. After you print your electronic signature and user agreement form, click the NEXT button and the Print Summary page appears. You can print this summary page for your documents. Note: You must print the Summary page DO NOT send to the EPO.

After clicking on the SIGN ELECTRONICALLY button, a pop-up window appears with a certification declaration. If the answer to the Challenge question is correct and the status of “Verified” is displayed, click the SIGN button to continue. On the next page, click the “Your e-signature contract form” link to open and print the form in PDF format with Adobe Acrobat. For more information about PDF files, see information about PDF readers. After selecting and answering the five questions, click the SAVE button. . You will receive a confirmation email after the EPO has received, processed and approved your electronic signature and use agreement. . .