Delete Trade Agreement Ax 2012

17. september 2021 Slået fra Af Patrick

Once clicked on “Select all agreements to delete”, the following message is displayed. New trade agreement positions can be created by pressing CTRL+N, or you can import positions from existing logs using the Select button and typing information about what you want to add. The adaptation allows you to call to a dialog box that allows you to adjust the positions of existing logs. Adjustments can be percentage adjustments or dollar value adjustments based on the current price, setting price, default price, or zero price. Or adjustments can be made to the indicated discount. To confirm that the trade agreement will be deleted, navigate to the Shared Product Details form (Product Information Management – > General Products > Shared Products) and select item 01. The “Select all deletion agreements” option then changes to “Restore”. if you are satisfied with your selection and are ready to delete. Then, the log rows can be copied using the Copy Rows button or copied and reworked via a dialog box with the Copy and Review button. The Delete Log button removes all entries added to the Journal. The Select All Agreements to Delete button allows the user to specify which log entries should be deleted and therefore no longer be used. Once all the items have been marked for deletion, they can be recovered using the Restore Rows button.

If I go to price/discount newspapers and edit the Journal, it is displayed as published. If I try to erase it, it returns the error above. When I go to the newspapers, everything is gray, including the post, so I can`t edit or delete it. Thank you for the answer. It`s good to know why you can`t remove online discount groups. That is why my other two questions are important: I understand the procedure for abolishing the old trade agreements. My question is: is there a negative impact on history if we remove the old line discount contracts? We insert AX customer order information into our BI tool for management reporting. If I remove old discount agreements, do old customer orders still reflect the exact discount and the name of the online discount group? That is the problem. The line at the top of the “Select all agreements to delete” option is not available when I post the (gray) line. Until I post it, it`s available, but once posted, it`s gray. The only thing that is not gray on this line is “inventory”, everything else is gray? “The price/discount agreement cannot be abolished as long as there are dependent price/discount journal positions. Remove dependent price/discount journal positions and try again. If I go to Trade Agreements (Sales and Marketing / setup / Price Discount / Prix Discount / Trade agreement journal names) and underline the price/discount journal number and try to remove it, I get the following error: Try.

Open a new log > then “Select” > then use the selection of criteria to find your trade agreement > it should find the agreement (he can find more), so cross it accordingly. then > `Select all the argeements to remove`. AX then issues the following warning: “You select trade agreements to remove them. Some of them have not expired or have been modified in the Journal.” All right. In sales and marketing /setup/pricing/discount/journal name of the trade agreement. I don`t have intenstional rebloggen, but I think your blogs are good and in the future, if I need help, then I can send it back, that`s why I reblocked it, but now I`ve deleted your entire post. However, if I go to a shared product and check the trade agreements, the one I deleted is still there. The line discount groups that you can set for customer order lines are configured under the sales and sales > – > price/discount – > price groups/discounts – > line discount group. . .