Student Confidentiality Agreement

12. april 2021 Slået fra Af Patrick

The student non-disclosure agreement is intended for universities, universities, universities, research laboratories and similar institutions, which often accept student services as researchers or assistants and ensure that they do not disclose trade secrets without authorization. For-profit companies that hire students through work or study programs or as regular collaborators should use NOA staff and internships for the use of the NOA internship. The first paragraph briefly describes the general area of study or research in which the student is included. Then enter the full name of the university, university or other institution. For the sake of simplicity, this unit is described as a “dividing part” in the agreement. This paragraph requires the student to return all trade secrets to the revealing party when the notion of research or study ends. There is nothing to add here. This paragraph generally describes the types of information that the student cannot disclose without prior authorization. This is both technical and business information.

There is nothing to add here. This paragraph requires the student to provide a designated person with all the proposed documents or publications. This way, you can make sure they don`t contain trade secrets that you don`t want to publish or make available to the public. I understand that during my studies and/or my research, it is possible to reveal myself or to have access to trade secrets and other proprietary or confidential information of the revealing part. This implies, but not limited to, to have access to information that will be valuable for my research or studies in the field of [describe] by [full name of university or university] (“party of revelation”), I agree as follows: for a period of years, I will present [name] a complete and comprehensive draft of all work, reports or proposed publications containing all information from my research or the study of the open part. I will conceal or use any data that the revealing part is too sensitive to be disclosed.