Sa Government Salaried Employees Enterprise Agreement

12. april 2021 Slået fra Af Patrick

Rebuild works to ensure that no secondary absaton results in a less favourable situation for workers than other public sector employees. Formal negotiations for a new enterprise agreement (known as Enterprise Bargaining) began on December 17, 2019. The agreement covers a wide range of workers` groups, including: at this meeting, the government discussed important items on its agenda. A critical point was that the government wanted to change the redeployment, recycling and redundancy (RRR) policy. The government is trying to remove the RRS from the EA and put it into policy and appears to be trying to replace 12 months of redeployment with three months of file management. Rebuild looked for a number of data – This proposal minimizes the inconvenience for employees to negotiate critical positions and get a fair salary in real time, given the current emergency situation. Such an adaptation would recognize the efficiency gains in the public sector that continue to be achieved by government employees, the participation of workers in the mobilization of CoVid19 beyond the agencies, and the willingness of employees to support the changing demands of work following CoVid19. If that were the case, I would be prepared to start formal negotiations on the necessary flexibilities with those I represent and to discuss with our group in the workplace to ensure the continuity of the negotiating agenda for businesses in a timely and secure manner. To be able to represent you properly, an agent must have written authorization from the employee.

In the coming weeks, Rebuild supporters will have the opportunity to give their formal authority. The government also outlined its intention to amend the consultation to define and reformulate significant changes to allow for a “clearer explanation of the change in employment.” Rebuild sought the draft proposal – Rebuild is looking for improvements to the consultation. Number of surpluses and separate for non-related employees by department according to classification per month over the last 3 years details supplements and moves (which was placed) Today 20 REBUILD wrote to the government and copied other unions/agents looking for an administrative salary increase. In the past, PSA has negotiated agreements that have not provided the best deal for employees – this paid PSA branch has negotiated a percentage of the result on its membership compared to any other public sector union and has left the door open to changes at work that affect employment, safety and workload.