Hpseb Application Agreement Form Other Than Domestic Final

10. april 2021 Slået fra Af Patrick

Connecting with The Network Information Package Version 2 Update: Content 1.0 What is a new connection or a change of connection?… 3 2.0 Connection request… 3 3.0 Connection app… 3 3.1 Treatment Conditions 1. ACCORD / EARLY TERMINATION RIGHT (a) These terms and conditions, as well as the order form, include the entire agreement between you and us regarding the 20 2. Exit of the link (a) When the establishment of the line is not necessary (b) If the establishment of the line is necessary within 7 days within 20 days of industrial and other links (other than the internal and commercial market): 1. Power Availability Certificate (a) Delivery of the communication of the application for PAC 30 days after receipt of the formal request/NOCs (b) Delivery of PAC 2. Load measurement: (a) Up to 100kW (b) Up to 2MW (c) Over 2 MW 3. Estimate coverage and issuance of demand communication (a) low voltage supply (LT) b) 11/22k Supply (c) 33kV Supply (d) Extra High Tension Supply (EH) T) 10 days from the tax down payment 21Tage 30Tage 45Tage 10Days 15Days 30Days 45Days 45 Days 45 Days 44. Release of the connection: from the date of completion of the formalities and payment of royalties by the potential/existing consumer. (a) There is no need to extend the distribution/commissioning network of a new 20-day 20-day substation 20 days on Farm Scheme of Grant Aid for the Development of the Organic SECTOR EXPLANATORY NOTES – CONDITIONS It is important to read the explanatory notes and conditions before ending under this Regulation 3.

18. Chemical and allied industries. 19. Coal and lignite-based chemical industries. 20. Mechanical construction. 21. Iron Metallurgical Industries. 22.

Fertilizer industry. 23. food and agricultural industries. 24. Mines. 25. Non-ferral metallurgy. 27. Energy (coal, oil and products) Production of facilities and boilers. 28. Textile industry (all or part of cotton). 29.

oil refineries. 30. Oil products and petrochemical industries. 31. Disposal waste recovery facilities. 32. Incinerators. 33.

Hotel 34. Hot mixing facilities. 35. Any other industry responsible for pollution, as indicated by the Committee to Combat Pollution.