French Agreement With Adjectives

9. april 2021 Slået fra Af Patrick

When used as adjectives, colours follow the general rule of French grammar, in accordance with the nominus they have described. This general rule is that the colors in French coincide with different sexes (women/men) and numbers (singular/plural). There are four cases that apply to the agreement of colors in French: in this article, you will discover how to reconcile adjectives with the name they call: in French, adjectives must correspond to the name they describe in GENDER (male/female) and in number (singular/plural). In terms of grammar, the correct form of adjectives is referred to as the comparison of the adjectives with the substantives they described as an adjective chord. The singular of Maskuline is the standard form to which females and/or plurals are added. For regular adjectives, these endings are e for feminine and s for plural. The correspondence table below summarizes how adjectives follow the color of French grammar with singular and masculine male plural names. Unlike English, most French adjectives are placed according to the nouns that change them. Some adjectives, however, are ahead of the nostantif. If you use more than one adjective to describe a Nov, you should also follow the investment rules. The meaning of the sentence can change the spelling of adjectives. In principle, the above rules mean that there are cases where you can end up with a male adjective right after a female name.

For example, the white pants and shirt translate with the same nomic order as English exists: Singular adjectives that end in a silent e do not change in the feminine. Male and female forms are written and pronounced in the same way, as follows: Irregular adjectives presented in Table 7 have no rules and must be memorized. Most French adjectives are plural by adding to the singular form of the adjective (male or female) -s: It is very fun and patient with children. He is very funny and patient with children. The singular male adjectives, which end in Them, form the feminine by changing x as shown in Table 3. There are a few colour adjectives in French that do not follow the general rule of agreement. These colors are immutable. This means that their spelling never changes.

Let`s look at some color adjectives that are immutable in French and that are: an adjective is a word that describes a nostuntor.